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I was so happy to find Dr. Emma. I wish I would have found her sooner. The main thing is that I did find her. She was an answer to prayer, that someone would actually come to my home to minister to my nearly 20 year old feline, Magnum. He is not big on going to the vet and it is very stressful for both of us. Magnum can be feisty in certain situations and he’s very sensitive to his environment which is why it was so wonderful to have Dr. Emma here. She arrived one Saturday afternoon and Magnum was in his “house”. Auntie Emma sat on the floor and I turned his “house” around and he came out on his own to see who this unique visitor was. This alone was quite incredible. How she handled him from the time she arrived til she departed was just amazing. He handled the situation much better at home and even his stress level calmed down faster. Auntie Emma is so calm, gentle and friendly. She has a genuine heart and concern for your furry friend. Thank you so much. Gratefully yours, Anita and Magnum.

Dear Auntie Emma

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I wanted to say thank you for coming to see me at home. It saves me from that awful car ride and horrible clinic. I mean, really, there’s dogs there sniffing and prancing and drooling and thinking they’re ‘all that’ when everyone knows cats are far superior! And with all the poking and prodding that you feel you just have to do, it’s really hard to strut away with dignity when I am restrained with a collar and lead. Far easier to do that at home on my own turf and no collar. Next time, though, could you leave the shears at home when you come to visit – I don’t like those. Auntie Emma, thanks for taking my pain away. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Have a good week and I will see you soon.

Love Misty

In April of 2011 I rushed my very sick kitty in to see Dr. Slater where she was diagnosis with a terrible progressive disease.

Thanks to Dr. Slater’s exams, phone calls, and most importantly support, she helped to give me a whole extra year with my princess. That was absolutely priceless for me. She is not only an amazing veterinarian but held a very special bond with my kitty. I would not only trust any of my pets lives with her but would also welcome her into my home with open arms.

Thank you Dr. Slater for all you have done for my furry family.

Amanda Dartmouth, NS

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Both our pets have seen Dr Slater, aka Auntie Emma, since they were puppies. There is no better vet in our opinion in HRM. Dr Slater has helped us treat skin issues with our pit-bull Loki, doing everything right down to printing us recipes for an all natural diet. Loki is a little afraid of going to the vet and Dr Slater always made it a pleasant easy experience for her. Kilo our shepherd mix is also happy to visit auntie emma whenever he goes. Dr Slater is a great vet, always available for questions, and always calls to check up and see how the dogs are making out. We are moving for four years so a new vet will have big shoes to fill, but you can be sure the first thing we do when we get back will be looking up “Auntie Emma” Thank you so much for your caring, and wonderful help you have given to both our dogs over the last four years, it is truly appreciated.

Scott and Alicia Brooking
Kilo and Loki xo

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Dr. Slater has been our Vet since the spring of 2009 after our former Vet’s office advised we would have to wait for 3 days to get an appointment for our cat Tiger who was sick. Dr Slater made time to see her that afternoon. Since then all of our Veterinarian care for our 2 cats has been performed by Dr Emma.

Dr. Emma is knowledgeable, professional and most of all compassionate. She always remembers our pet’s strengths and weaknesses and always gives her undivided attention. Questions are always welcome and she always spends whatever time is required whether we are in the hospital or during phone conversations.

We feel very fortunate to have Dr Slater as our Vet.

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