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What Services are available?

We are a full service Veterinary Hospital offering services ranging from routine preventive care to veterinary house calls to 24 hour emergency and intensive care for you and your pets.

  • We offer appointments 7 days a week . Appointments can be booked using our on-line booking service or by calling 1-902-225-7543.
  • We offer emergency walk in services 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. If you are able to call ahead we can coordinate your visit to make it the most convenient for you and your family.
  • We offer vaccination assessments to determine which vaccines might help protect your pet and we offer titer testing to ensure that vaccine booster schedules are customized to your pet.
  • We offer full physical exams and consultation services.
  • We offer travel examinations for families travelling with their pets.
  • We offer compassionate end of life care including quality of life assessments and euthanasia services. We offer a full range of after life care for your pets through metro pet crematorium
  • We offer full service surgery suite including spays and neuters.
  • Ultrasound: we can perform ultrasounds any time of day if needed with out in clinic ultrasound machine. Ultrasound is used to assess the health status of internal organs and blood flow to organs can be assessed. We often use ultrasound to evaluate for possible masses and foreign bodies. Ultrasound is used to help assist in getting needle biopsies from organs as needed. Ultrasounds can be used to assess for bladder stones and heart problems among many other uses.
  • Blood tests: We have machines in clinic to run everything from routine health screens to emergency critical care blood tests. Having the machines in house means that we can offer immediate testing in emergency situations and also we can customize blood tests for wellness testing as needed.
  • X-rays: we have full body and dental x-ray units in hospital so that we can provide these services quickly whenever your pet needs us.
  • Urine/fecal testing: we have a full range of in house and outsourced testing for urine and fecal samples..
  • We offer 24 hour emergency walk in service. We encourage families in need of emergency care to call ahead so that we can coordinate the visit to make the appointment as convenient as possible for your family. Emergencies are assessed and treated based on arrival time and seriousness of the patients' condition.
  • We offer 24 hour critical care for patients including oxygen therapy, fluid therapy, nutritional therapy, and patient monitoring. We offer medical and surgical and diagnostic services 24 hours a day as needed for our patients.
  • A house call offers a much needed alternative to the travel and environment of a veterinary hospital for many of our clients. We can perform a full range of services at a veterinary house call including examinations, vaccinations, medical consultations. Some patients will allow us to collect blood samples or other diagnostic samples during a house call. We offer housecall euthanasias and if you have any questions about these services please call us at 1-902-225-7543.
  • Veterinary House Calls are offered as prebooked appointments only. While we will try to accommodate emergency calls this is not always possible depending on our availability.
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